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Road Construction & Related Services in Aberdeen, SD

In our world, it’s easy to notice the 2nd law of thermodynamics—the inevitable breakdown of all matter—in action. Why else do potholes need constant patching and old structures need demolishing?

At Lien Transportation, we counteract nature’s tendencies through our complete Aberdeen construction and asphalt services. At any given point in time we might be paving a new road, digging a trench, or demolishing a crumbling building. Whether we’re building or tearing down, we’re busy exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Improve the Ground You Travel On

Highways, bike paths, and driveways take a regular beating from weather and overuse. That’s why we work hard to keep any asphalt area functional and durable. It doesn’t matter how large the paved area is—we can improve any surface or street.

Here are just a few ways we serve you:

  • Superior asphalt paving & sealing (parking lots, basketball courts, streets, & more)
  • Construction services (grading, excavating, dams/dikes, hauling, and related services)
  • Rock, sand, & gravel (landscaping materials, crushed concrete or granite, and others)
  • Demolition & recycling services
  • Snow removal services

Want to know more? Read more about us, explore our services pages, and request a quote.

Improve your path with help from Lien Transportation. Call us today at (605) 225-3814, ext 14 for your quote!