in Aberdeen, South Dakota

Lien Transportation Company's $afety Incentive Program is based on the premise that all of our employees are entitled to a safe and healthful workplace. Management, supervisors and employees are directed to make safety and loss control a matter equal in importance to all other company activities.

Cooperative Effort Between Employees and Management

We believe every employee is concerned for his/her own safety and that of their coworkers. The goals that we have set for our $afety Incentive Program can only be achieved through a cooperative effort between all employees and members of management. Safe working habits and an awareness through knowledge of all safety rules and policies are a condition of employment at Lien Transportation Company in Aberdeen, SD. Each employee is required to familiarize themselves with every rule and to abide by them.

Safe-Minded Team of Construction Professionals

We encourage all employees to make suggestions, which will assist in maintaining safe working conditions, and to bring to the attention of their supervisors any unsafe working conditions. It is through such joint participation that accidents can be prevented, but only the individual can make safe work practices a habit.

Job-Site Safety on The Minds of All Workers At All Times

Safety is important not just because of the human health factor, but also the welfare of your project. Accidents cause downtime due to disabled employees and damaged equipment, which can severely impede your project's progress. Our incentive program, along with thorough screening processes, have enabled us to build a safe-minded team of construction professionals. The Lien Transportation Company's $afety Incentive Program was designed to keep job-site safety on the minds of all workers at all times.